Learn About Racing Partnerships

Joining a Thoroughbred horse racing partnership is one of the most affordable, smart and fun ways for new owners to enjoy all the fun of being an insider in an entirely new world for a fraction of the cost. By spreading out the costs of campaigning a race horse and relying on experienced industry professionals to select and manage their horses, people with none or limited equine experience can increase their chances of a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports around.

Investors in Partnerships Enjoy Racetrack Privileges

  • Assembling inside the paddock before the race to see your horse saddled and greeting the trainer and jockey
  • Celebrating a victory with your horse and team inside the Winner's Circle and taking your picture
  • Racetrack and backstretch credentials in most racing jurisdictions for complimentary admission, parking and barn access
  • Access to owner box seats
  • Fellowship and community with other partners and racing management staff

Expert Advisors and Managers

A racing management team functions as your personal equine advisor/operations manager. The new investor owner can immediately enjoy all the fun and excitement while leaving the day to day detail management and heavy lifting to the experienced professionals.

Test the Waters and Learn the Industry

Partnerships are also a good option for people who just want to dip their toe in the water before committing significant resources to building their own stable. They can participate in and learn about the industry from the ground up before venturing out on their own.

Diversify Investments and Spread Risk

Rather than own an entire horse and lose the entire investment if the horse retires prematurely, some investors choose to invest in smaller units among multiple horses to minimize risk. This strategy also helps maintain “action”, providing more opportunities for race day action and fun.